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Poster: Mandojammer Date: Apr 23, 2013 7:28am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: TDIMYIRP* (TDIH related)

* This Date In Mando's Year In Review Project. I typed that slowly for craven so he could read it.

For anyone interested, here are my notes for 4/23/84. This was a show of extremes - horrible first set, decent second set. Highlight for me was the Black Peter, which in my opinion could stand toe to toe with any other Black Peter out there for consideration in someone's Top X Black Peter performances. Songs marked with an asterisk are highlights for the show. You may have a differing opinion.

"14. 4/23/84 - Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT

a. Jack Straw – A little fast for my personal preference for JS, but nicely played. It’s always good to hear Phil dropping a couple of bombs early.
b. Sugaree – Bobby and Jerry’s guitars are mixed well, drums are high and almost harsh in this source. Phil is heard clearly, and you have to listen to hear Brent – which is a shame since he’s going with the B3 sound. Somewhere around 2:45, the mix sounds like it get sorted out and everyone sounds good – keys are still a little low. By the 7:00 mark, everything seems sorted out, you can hear the keys well.
c. Cassidy* – Subtle shift to less B3, a little more jangle, but the keys sound good. Sweet jam in the middle through the last 3 minutes of the song. You already know my positive bias for this song – it’s still the best tune of the show so far. Predator Chime flyover at 6:44?
d. Dupree’s Diamond Blues – I felt like I was at a carnival. Where’s my kewpie doll? Did not like it at all.
e. Hell In A Bucket – And the losing streak reaches two least Phil was loud in the mix.
f. Might As Well – Jerry’s vocals are too loud in the mix to the point of distortion. Which would otherwise be bad except they do help cover up the jangly, tinkly keys.
g. Iko, Iko – After an abysmal first set, this is the best they could come up with to open the second set?
h. Lost Sailor – Predator Chimes is back, keys are jangly and bright. Jerry’s noodling through 3 minutes sounds mailed in and uninspired. After 3 minutes the jamming sounds okay, but the keys ruin it. Still, while there’s Phil, there’s hope.
i. Saint of Circumstance – I’ll take “Acoustic Waterboarding” for $800 please Alex.....May I surrender? Thanks to Phil for making this listenable. Decent little jam from about 4:00-5:00. Then Janet Napolitano decides to lead a sing along at 5:20. Random noodling at 7:00, punctuated by tinkly keys mercifully bring this train wreck to an end.
j. Uncle John’s Band* – Phil leads the way into UJB, so far the keys, while bright and tinkly, fit. Then again, my resistance may be weakening. I take that back, it appears as if they may have gathered themselves for at least a portion of a song. Nice little jam from 2:30 – 7:30. Drums break out a bit and sound great around 4:15. Bobby takes over at 5:00 and sounds very nice. Phil is stomping around underneath everyone giving them something to hold on to. Jerry sounds great, he’s bouncing around like a bee in my watermelon sage (which may explain why nearly everything up to this point in the show has been less than good.) Closing jam was good. Highlight tune of an underwhelming show.
k. Only A Fool – Is it possible for a song that starts out with the insectivorian Predator Chimes to be any good? No. This is Exhibit A in the “Why I don’t like Brent” debate. This sounds like a song seeking an identity.
l. Drums – A sad day when Drums is one of the better tunes in a show. I should have peed during Only A Fool.
m. Space – Hell, at least it was different and the cacophony of sounds was expected. ‘Wheel’ noodling towards the end could have triggered both hope and despair
n. Spanish Jam* – Didn’t see this coming – at least from the standpoint of any kind of tease in Space. Jerry used some oddball, interesting effects. Bobby sounded great. Brent was still stuck in Space – it worked. I’m clutching at straws, Any port in a storm. Pick your cliché, you know what I mean. At 3:45 it seems like Bobby and jerry started a subtle arm wrestling match over which tune to head into next – you can clearly hear Truckin’ as well as TOO themes setting up.
o. Truckin’ – Even after the opening riff, it still seemed as if they could have yanked it off to TOO. I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR B3. Leave it to an old staple tune to bring things up. Drums sound crisp and clear. Phil is on a white horse saving the last half of the second set.
p. Black Peter* – Bobby’s effects sound really good, some kind of slidey, echoey thing. Whatever – any gearheads out there will correct me. Phil is playing lead bomb dropper – the slow kind that kind of sneak up on you and explode slowly. Jerry also sounds great. As does Brent who has thankfully abandoned the Predator Chimey thing for the B3 sound. This version is kind of drippy and gooey – like a hot sweaty night in the bayou. I’ve never been in the bayou on a hot sweaty night. I just felt like writing that. Vocals at the key change were right on the mark. The closing jam was excellent – Jerry, Bobby and Phil are perfectly meshed. Brent is running around in the background and Mickey and Billy are crisp. Everything that was wrong with this show up to Spanish Jam is fixed. Not atoned for, only fixed. This BP could stand in there for consideration in just about any "Best Black Peter" list.
q. Around and Around – Another case where they fell off of the Black Peter cliff into A&A, but they continued to jam well. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that Brent packed his B3 for the trip. Very nice cymbal work. Sweet Brent riff at 2:30 into the key change. Whatever effect Bobby is using, he should use it more. His vocals are strong – even the “my vocal chords just blew up” whisper screech. Another whiplash transition into the next tune.
r. Good Lovin’* – Bobby leads the charge with some very nice rhythm. Cow bell. Very nice keys from Brent who also thows in some well matched backing vocals. Tempo is just a touch faster. Jerry’s runs at 2:15 are a little back in the mix, but sound crispy. Billy and Mickey are really sounding good – cymbal strikes are clear and distinct. A little more kick pedal would be good, but the cascade from the snare down to the tom are nice. Brent and Bobby’s little back and forth starting at 5:10 carries the song to another level and just about salvages the show. While this might be a case of a “Not bad for the 80s” disclaimer, this was a pretty good version that should at least get discussed during “Great versions of....” conversations.
s. Day Job – Given how bad the first set and beginning of the second set were, this was not at all unpleasant.

First show I almost bailed out on. But since I am an anal retentive nuke and somewhat of a completist, I forced myself to listen to the entire show. Anyone who was in Philly two nights earlier could easily have thought they had seen two different bands perform. Comparative bias? Despite a few stand out songs – thankfully to close the show - the first set and the start of the second set were just bad. At least they closed strong and you may have left feeling pretty good. Which speaks volumes about your short memory. A show of extremes."

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Poster: ColdRain108 Date: Apr 23, 2013 3:06pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDIMYIRP* (TDIH related)

I was a witness to this show...and it was nothing to write home about. Last 2 Dead shows at New Haven before they blew it up real good!

I have little interest in hearing it again.

In a few days they played a couple of shows that were worth writing home about - Providence.

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Poster: segan63 Date: Apr 23, 2013 11:41am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDIMYIRP* (TDIH related)

Lemieux played some of this show today for the Sirius/XM Today in Grateful Dead History radio show. I missed the starting point, but they ended with Only a Fool. My guess is that they played Iko =>Only a Fool. The jam before Only a Fool was interesting and enjoyable. And as far as Brent tunes are concerned, this one was one of the better ones! yet still weak.

At the conclusion, Lemieux commented that Only a Fool hadn't been played in the history of this show(over 5 years).

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Poster: craven714 Date: Apr 23, 2013 9:51am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: TDIMYIRP* (TDIH related)

yup. Still reading it. It might take all night long,
all night long, all night long. You WANG dang doodle you.

It nice to know that you know that you are an anal retentive
nuke. We were all thinking it, nice of you to finally admit it.

And whats all this about the short memory? I forgot already. I typed this really fast, so you should be done by now :p